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Location Child Portrait Sessions

These are fun, the way I shoo they become more story telling images and portraits.

Kids love the freedom of these sessions, we normally agree on a theme in your pre consultation and then grab a few props and outfits and off we go to an agreed location to play and have some fun.

Because of the nature of the session these do take longer than in studio, they are normally around two hours plus travel.

Most of the time they are shot 2 hours before sunset, so Spring and Autumn are great times to shoot, due to bedtimes and children not being too tired for the session.

If you wish to shoot in the blues bells or flower fields these will need to pre booked a couple of months before so we can hit the right time as flowers do like to jump their blooming time a couple of weeks forwards of backwards depending on the weather that year.

Clothing advice and styling will all be discussed in your pre consultation and you will be sent pre care to make it all easy

There is no time really that we can not shoot outdoors, however full on rain is not advisable and for this reason you will be booked two session dates in the diary to make sure we are able to do one of them


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