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Suzi Gardner Photography

We are a professional studio with a growing reputation for stunning image creations, beautiful newborn baby sessions and timeless works of portrait photography. 

We take memories perfectly frozen in time and craft them into stunningly unique wall art, professionally designed to coordinate beautifully with your home.


Suzi Gardner Ampa- Principle Artist
Award Winning and associate member with the

Master Photographers Asscociation. (The MPA) (link to Ampa Panel)

Being a mother of three young children, the ability to capture the delicate emotions felt during pregnancy and the subtleties of personality in your child is a flair that comes naturally to Suzi.

Her passion for seeking new materials and props enable her to create an almost infinite array of poses, to guarantee that perfectly personlised wall art of your loved one, you will cherish forever...Forever is a long time..

Professionally trained in many areas of photography including cutting edge image editing techniques.  Featured in industry press and competitions across the UK and with her drive to be better each time, demand is building for works by Suzi Gardner Photography. 

If you don’t catch her in the studio, you may find her up the parks with her dogs, or curled up with a hot chocolate and watching EastEnders.




Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear ?

This will be discussed and agreed during your pre-consultation, where we consider any of your concerns, along with developing ideas regarding colours, size, schemes for your particular session. This to ensure perfect coordination with your home decor.  We would also advise against wearing anything heavily logo’d on the day.

How should I prepare for my newborn session ?

We have used our knowledge gained over years of experience to develop the Suzi Gardner Photography Newborns pre-session guidance information, this will be sent to you before the arrival of your baby to prepare you for our session.  The information will cover everything from how your session will run, to bathing your baby, when to feed your baby etc.  We strongly advise you follow the pre session guidance information to ensure a smooth and successful session.

Why do I need a pre-consultation ?

This sets up the creative process and provides one of the reasons that set Suzi Gardner Photography apart from our competitors, it’s when we talk about you and your family, your tastes and styles, we hopefully look at your home and work out the perfect sizing and style for your finished products.

Why the Viewing and Ordering Meeting ?

The big reveal! .... An opportunity for you to bring family, nans and grandads etc., to view your images for the first time, this is usually an emotional one, (but don’t worry, we have the tissues at hand). We will help you go through and choose your favorite portraits to be displayed as you have chosen. 

If you have not already fallen in love with some of our products, we can show you what they will look and feel like, with our beautiful hand-picked Pro Lab products on display in our studio.  Unlike high-street and online print shops these are professionally printed and created to the highest quality available. This is also the point when your payment will be due. 

Are you able to provide subtle image alterations, skin corrections, shape enhancement etc. ?

Absolutely, we operate a highly professional studio with years of experience and professional training in these techniques.  We use state of the art studio photography and editing equipment and adopt cutting edge industry techniques.  Anything is possible! consult in confidence with the studio to discuss this work.

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