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Advertising Packages 

Thank you for your interest in purchasing tickets for Distribution with in our Essex and London studio and Social Medias and welcome to our online system.

                                                        Invite Only Ticket sales are Open

These are the available tickets:

Exclusive Platinum Sponsorship Package

Platinum: promotion = Social media business tags for 3 months, plus 2 explicit social media posts, plus 200 flyers given out, plus 2 A3 posters, plus mailing list Thank You mentions for 3 months



Gold Sponsorship Package

Gold: promotion = 200 flyers given out, plus 2 A4 posters, plus 2 social media Thank You mentions, plus 2 mailing list Thank You mentions



Silver Sponsorship Package

Silver: Promotion = 200 flyers given out, plus 2 A4 posters



Bronze Sponsorship Package

Bronze: promotion = 200 flyers given out. 



Lucky Prize £10 value

Donate a voucher or gift for the Yearly lucky prize


Joint Competition


Joint Competition                       

Collaborate with Suzi

Social media based. These are extremely popular, create media content and attract a lot of attention. Both companies will be giving prizes away

We provide all wording, dates to post etc. we will be giving away prizes as well

There is two one of these run yearly.


Your Competition

Run your own competition with prize  


Your Competition

2 Social media posts sharing competition over 2 weeks, 2 posts shared to our stories ( yours or ours)



VIP Flyers Goodie Bags

These go our exclusively to our TV, Film, Models, Influencers clients.

Plus Famous Potential Clients.

They MUST have a discount offer of at least £10

VIP Promotion =

200 Flyers given out, over 6 months to a year



If you'd like to be included, below are the delivery details for Leaflets

Please complete the Opt in form with all of your details.


Your 10 word Business Bio = How you want your business to be discribed in our posts eg. Details of what you sell, to who etc.


Once we have your chosen plan, It will be picked up by accounts, who will raise an invoice for you.

All information, posters, flyers for your contribution package are required 3 weeks before chosen advertising commences

If you wish to contribute to the Lucky Prize, please sign up above and then email us at to provide details of this prize.

If the option you are looking for isn’t available here, please contact us on

Delivery of leaflets is to   

3 Sporhams



SS16 5TS

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