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Sustainability finds:

Leaflet supplier =

I just found this company who are fantastic with their sustainable leaflets

01702 4460047

These are biodegradable and compostable. The inks are vegetable based inks for you so these are environmentally friendly.

In addition to responsibly sourced paper stocks, they also proud to be able to describe the production and sustainable printing processes that go into the Solopress Green printing range as 'carbon neutral'. That means the carbon emissions resulting from manufacture and print are calculated and we make an equivalent contribution to environmental projects, in both Europe and the Amazon, that reduce carbon pollution. They work with an organization called Climate Partner to ensure that our emissions are calculated accurately and that their contributions are never double-counted. This ensures that they truly offsetting the entirety of our carbon footprint. They are also ISO 14001 certified, meaning that they are committed to minimizing the impact that the printing process has on the environment. This includes looking for ways to optimize their energy consumption, using recycled stocks, monitoring our supply chain, and reducing our carbon footprint.

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