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Modelling Portfolio Prices – Everything You Need To Know

If you are an aspiring model, you’ll need a modelling portfolio. Prices can vary but it’s good to know what sort of cost a portfolio is so you know what to expect when ordering photos. 

A portfolio should be your main investment as a model because it is the main tool that will help you get signed to a modelling agency and land work. 

Read on to find out all about modelling portfolio prices. 

Your Modelling Portfolio Should Be Seen As An Investment

A modelling portfolio should be seen as an investment. A portfolio is a lot like a model’s CV; it showcases their best work and their versatility, experience and range as a model. While experienced models can use photos from previous jobs, new models will need to book a professional photoshoot to get the 20+ high-quality photos needed. 

A portfolio plays a significant part in your career success, so naturally you’ll want the best possible portfolio available to you. Costs vary, as does quality. The more you are willing to spend, the more photos you’ll walk away with and the better they will be. More advanced professional photo studios will charge more because you are paying for years of industry experience, while lesser-known amateur photographers or those new to the fashion industry will charge lower, but will lack valuable experience. 

You will be able to choose how many photos you purchase, but a typical portfolio usually contains up to 20. Most studios will offer a package with varying prices. 

Each photo needs to be around A4 in size and as high quality as you can get them – that’s why you can’t get away with using a phone camera. Remember, too, that the fashion industry is incredibly competitive and you will be up against hundreds, if not thousands, of other hopefuls looking to get into the business. Your portfolio needs to stand out from theirs, which means investing now for a return later. Show pride in your work and ensure you are working with the best to boost your chances of success.

Facility Costs

You need to consider the facility costs when asking for quotes from photographers and studios. A studio has to pay their photographer(s), and their expertise will alter the price. The size and location of the studio will also impact the costs, as well as their demand and experience. Lighting, make-up and hair stylists also need to be considered. The best in the business will naturally demand a higher price.

You’ll want as much bang for your buck as possible, so find out as much as you can before committing. Check out previous portfolios and experience. 

You’ll also need to ask how long the shoot will last – a shorter short gives you less opportunity to snap that perfect shot. 

Is The Company Legitimate?

You need to put some time aside to verify the authenticity of the company you are looking at spending money with. There are many scam companies out there that will try to take your money without giving you a high-quality service. Portfolios are pricey and you want to know you will be walking away with the absolute best portfolio available to you. 

The internet is a useful resource to use to determine whether a studio has good feedback. Check for previous client reviews and make sure they have a good history.

Don’t Cut Too Many Corners

As a young aspiring model, it can feel very tempting to try and cut corners and save money where your portfolio is concerned. But it is highly advised by those in the industry that you don’t do this. While saving money can be a key concern for everyone, your portfolio should not be something that is done cheaply. 

Cutting corners will result in a cheap portfolio that stands out – in a bad way – from your competitors. Having a cheap portfolio also makes it appear as though you are not professional or serious about becoming a model, and you will potentially be overlooked for work because of this. It may feel like saving money in the beginning is the best thing to do, but you’ll only harm your chances later. Do not scrimp on the standard of your portfolio photographs.

The Photoshoot

There are many things to consider when organising the photoshoot. Firstly, think about where you want to use these photos. They don’t just have to be for your portfolio; you can also use them on your social media platforms, your z-cards, and your website. But you will need copyright ownership and approval from the photographer, especially if you use your photos for marketing purposes. 

Before you book in, you need to consider whether you want a studioshoot or a location shoot. If you want a location shot, think about the logistics – for example weather, crowds and outfit changes.

Ensure everyone knows the time, location and date of the shoot to avoid delays. You’ll also have to bring your own outfits to change into, as well as jewellery, shoes and other accessories you have in mind. You need to think hard and pre-plan your outfit choices; think about what sort of model you want to represent, and which outfits will be most flattering and show off your natural beauty. 

How Much Does A Professional Model Portfolio Cost?

Depending on where you go and how many photos you buy, your portfolio could cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. 

It’s certainly not unusual for a proper portfolio to be around the £500 mark. But again, the price is usually incredibly flexible because it is all dependent on what you want and who you choose to create your portfolio.

How Can Suzi Gardner Photography Help?

We invite successful candidates to a photoshoot into one of our Essex or London based studios. You will get professional hair and make-up applied before one of our experienced photographers help you nail the perfect shot. 

Our portfolio packages make things quick and simple. You don’t have to organise the logistics yourself; simply turn up at the studio with a change of outfit and enjoy the ultimate professional modelling experience.

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