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Industries first ever Sustainability awards Suzi Gardner is credited with a Silver award

As we come to the end of Earth Week 2021 I have been credited the with a Silver award

in the industry’s first every sustainability awards

I have had the privilege of being invited to be a part of the sustainability team in The Master Photographers Association at the end of 2020, since then I have not only assessed my own business right from the bottom up, focusing on innovations to make her business as sustainable as possible, speaking to suppliers and other photographers, researching into the best practices, calculating my business carbon footprint and making changes to improve this, making a reduction plan for the next year and also partnering with to offset all the unavoidable carbon, such as travel, through planting trees.

To celebrate becoming certified Silver, I will be planting trees for every single new baby that books in with us in their name and I will be calculating and offsetting clients travel.

I will also be giving all clients goodie bags with discounts and samples from sustainable local companies

I have launched a new range of Eco products with details for clients to view

You will be able to view your trees anytime here Suzi Gardner photography | Ecologi and see the forest we are making as it grows …. So together we will be making a change

If you would like to be a bigger part of this, please see one of my blogs detailing the easy as well as the hard changes we can all make to our lives to become more sustainable.

If you join Suzi Gardner photography | Ecologi and sign up through my profile you will get your first 25 extra sparkly trees for free

If you have a sustainable ideas or products you would like to be featured, feel free to drop me a line

Quotes from local people about my award:

Laura Baker, Doula, Breast feeding support and Midwife assistant at Basildon hospital, said “ For a business in lockdown to take this time as an opportunity to improve their whole industry in such a dramatic and positive way is amazing, a lot of new mums I see are really interested in this global crisis, so for Suzi to be leading this as a sustainable business and giving families tips on sustainability on her website is very reassuring ”

Contact Details: 07970 657 384

Ray Lowe, Chair The Master Photographers association, said: “When you run a business the customer is the most important part of it, and one way to show your customers you care, is to be part of our worlds sustainability. The MPA has been part of Ecoligi planting millions of trees around the world, and Suzi has demonstrated her commitment by becoming the first MPA member to achieve her silver award for sustainability, which is an amazing personal achievement, demonstrating how much she cares about her customers in our world”

Contact Details: Welcome to the MPA


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