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Family Portraits

Why Are Family Portraits So Important?

Having family portraits and pet portraits hang on every wall in the house continually reminds the family and others about the importance of strong relationships.

It is no secret: years fly by so fast. Since we cannot recover the time, we have to take advantage of the short duration we have with our kids and pets. They grow up so fast! One minute you are holding the beautiful little humans in your arms and next they are older while you battle with greying hair.

This is why family portraits are so vital. Yes, we live in a world where the average household has a minimum of three smartphones with good cameras. But there’s something monumental that family portraits still hold to present. Here are some reasons why we are always reminded of the significance of family portraits.

Portraits Contribute to Family Bonding

Having family and pet portraits hang on every wall in the house continually reminds the family and others about the importance of strong relationships. The kids feel protected. The parents are always reminded of their reason for striving in life. Everyone is reminded of the special attachment to the family ties.

A sense of home and belonging is so important for us all and the family dynamics always show through in a great family portrait

Appreciated Art

Family portraits are a form of art, especially when they are printed and framed on your wall.

There’s something timeless and mesmerizing about a generation portrait and the feeling of the importance of having the portrait done, the organisation and all coming together and recording your family unit, being part of the family, big or small is a precious thing to be celebrated and remembered.

Whether it’s a classic dog portrait or a portrait of your eight-year-old daughter, the image will become an iconic part of the look of a room or hall.

Document Growth

Parenting gets us so busy trying to build the future for the kids that we often end up forgetting about the past. Once the newborn phase is over, most parents are too occupied contributing to a child’s growth via hard work at full time jobs to truly appreciate the changes happening before their very eyes. Therefore, it is crucial to have regular portraits that could document the children’s growth. One day, when they have all grown up and perhaps away from home, you will want to revive the memories and smile at the milestone they have achieved.

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No matter how technology evolves, tradition is one thing that never fades. Just like having a Your yearly celebrations and family dinners at grandma’s place has always been a tradition passed to every generation, and so are family portraits. While you are seeing the importance of this point, your teenage daughter is probably rolling her eyes at it now. But they will also come to appreciate its value and trust in the process later on.


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