Twins the bond

So you are having twins ! Welcome to my world !

This is the world of funny stories, embarrassing moments and lots and lots of love, cuddles as well as some tears and tantrums thrown in. Double trouble does not cover it some days.

Twins have such a special bond between them, they grow together, laugh and cry together, they experience so many things in life that are the same, the have a unique bond no other person can really appreciate, they have their own little community right their inside mine, I remember when they were about 3 my daughter crying over a toy my son had taken so I told him not to take things from her and gave it to her, well she told me off and gave it back to him ........ it was at that point I realised it was not my place to get in between them and their agreements. I also remember one being at my mums and the other knowing they had fallen over and hurt themselves, I am not sure how this happens but they definitely have a massive bond with each other.

I had my non identical twins nearly 17 years ago, a boy called Thomas and a girl called Annabelle looking back on it I have enjoyed every moment of it but I have to say it was a huge shock trying to take care of two little people at the same time for my first children, I had been trying for three years to have a baby and I was desperate to hold my own children and be a mum, it was a heart-breaking three years waiting, when they came it was not what I had expected at all the one thing that really surprised me was how different they were to each other, apart from the obvious boy girl thing, they were born themselves they had likes and dislikes, I somehow thought my children would be my children I had never thought they would be someone who made all their own decisions and refused to do things that made sense to me.

So there we were me the twins, my husband, my mum who moved in to do the nights, my nan who moved in to help do the days all upside down with two bundles of littleness needing 24 hours of care, when after two months it came time for everyone to leave and I had to do it on my own, yes on my own !! it was chaos ............ but remembering the incredible mess at meal times and the new cream stone fireplace being painted from their nappies, the eating of spiders is what makes us all laugh and brings a tear to my eye as I realise those days are now passed.

So for the dark days when they push each other over in the mud on the way to a wedding and try to drown each other in the paddling pool or hide in a shop from you giggling together, take a breath, these amongst others are the moments you will remember as the special funny days the ones that melt your heart looking back, who cares if they are crazy that's all part of their charm.

My twins were conceived at Cromwell hospital as Ivf babies - this was the most fantastic hospital in the world, I am not sure if this is because they gave me my twins, or because it is a great hospital. for anyone going through this I stand right next to you, have heart it does work.

When my twins were three and a half I had my third child Ray to complete our family, who they welcomed with open arms it was as if they opened the twin door just long enough to drag him in and shut it behind him, I think he was the most cuddled baby in the universe, which is just as well with four people in the house fighting to have his attention all the time.

Finding friends with twins, the link below will take you to a twins clubs website to find your local group for support, days out etc.

The first few years of having twins is one of the hardest, funniest things I have ever done, but they have grown up, clever, kind and mostly sensible individuals with a great sense of who they are, who they want to be and how to get it, for which I am forever grateful.

Here is one set of twins I have had the pleasure of photographing recently

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