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New Born Photography

What should you be looking for in a new born photographer ?

Firstly you need like the style of photography offered by the photographer, know what you are getting for your money and be able to trust that the photographer will put your new babies health, safely and happiness first.

You should be offered a pre - consultation. This is your Newborn portraits session and you should able to have an input into the styling with your chosen photographer, before any money has changed hands and discuss session style, what images you wish to achieve, with or without props, what to expect when you arrive, and also feel comfortable to ask any questions or concerns you may have. You should also be offered advise on how to prepare to your session to make it run smoothly.

When should you book ?

We recommend that you book around or before your 20 week scan to save disappointment. A lot of our clients book at 12 weeks to ensure their place in secure, you should only be asked for a session fee at this point.

Who is best to take portraits of my baby ?

You need someone who has been trained in baby handling and posing a lot of the poses are skilled and need training to be able to achieve them safely, wrapping babies must also be done the correct, these poses are dangerous to babies health if you do not know how to do them.

I have a friend photographer can they do this ?

No unless they are a new born specialist they will not have the specialist equipment and be skilled in photoshop to will not be able to pose your new born into the simplest of poses without distress to your new born and it will be a stressful and disappointing experience for everyone. Photography has many different sectors and not everyone can do all of them.

Can I just do this myself at home ?

No this is not recommended, new born photography is a specialist type of photography, it takes years of training in posing, lighting, safety and of course baby settling, to be able to achieve the most simple new born portraits well, it is definitely not recommended to try any of the more advanced poses yourself or let your photographer friend practice on your new baby, even if they have seen it done this is very dangerous.. There are extensive props, outfits and specialist equipment used during a newborn session.

Here at Suzi Gardner Photography:

This is a special time in your life, when you will need a bit more attention and care than usual, which is why I only every book three Maternity or Newborn sessions in one week. This session is all about you and whoever you choose to bring to the session with you, I am happy to include the ones your love at no extra cost.

We will be holding your hand through the whole process, with pre-consultation, pre care, styling advice, dresses and props at your disposal, private fully stocked kitchen and toilet with courtesy box, Tv and Wifi,, NetFlix - Feel free to relax in on our cozy sofa while I look after baby during your session.

My main concerns for your session is you know what to expect, your have a great experience, you look and feel great and you love and treasure your portraits

If you want portraits to treasure forever, do it the right way and book a new born specialist.

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