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Photographers Day Off

So what does this photographer do on their day off ?

I take photos of course, my camera lives with me, its just a decision which lens is joining us, in these blogs I am hoping to give you an insight into what I get up to, with and without my family and dogs but always with my camera.

I love every type of photography and going on a little journey in my head as to what I want to achieve and where and how we will be recording it, achieving it and learning as we go.

I do not feel happy to just be a great studio photographer or just do this as a job, this is more than that to me, I need to be able to take any photo in any situation at any time, I need to master every type of light, composition, posing and art in the way I choose at that time.

So today I see spring peeping its tiny nose out into this colourless winter, in a month there will be the first clearly visible signs of spring joining us this year. "To stop and look lets you see things before others do"

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